Ways Of Relieving Swollen Leg

A swollen leg can be painful and cause one a lot of discomforts. The causes of a swollen leg may range from injuries, pregnancy-related complications to long distance traveling among others. Regardless of the cause of swelling, one can be able to get some relieve at home before further medical advice is sort. Here are some effective ways of relieving swollen leg at home.

Use of the Leg Pressure Points

swollen feetsThe use of body pressure points has been used since the ancient days in Chinese medicine. This is what has come to be known as acupressure in modern medicine. This mode of therapy works by applying pressure on specific points of the leg where there are nerve endings to help in pain relief. Ideally, the pressure is supposed to be applied using specialized needles. However, the same relief effect can be achieved by using the fingers. The nerve endings are believed to be located at the center of the depression behind the knee and around the calve muscle. The pressure should be applied momentarily within intervals of three second after the patient has been put in a relaxing position.

Massaging the Lymph Nodes

One of the major causes of feet swelling is the accumulation of fluid in the leg due to poor fluid circulation from the lymph nodes. The lymph system is responsible for waste collection within the body. This means that poor functionality will lead to accumulation of waste and subsequent swelling of body parts. The purpose of the lymph massage is to improve circulation in the lymph system and turn help the body to detox. One can gently apply pressure to the lymph nodes and massage the lymph ducts. If the swelling is around the kneecap, you can also massage it gently to help with pain relief.


There are some exercises that one can go through to help in relieving a swollen leg. These exercises are meant to enhance the healing process. One can lie down on the floor while facing up and momentarily move the leg up and down. This will help to drain the lymph nodes and also prevent cellulite. It also helps to ease blood flow in the leg leading to a relaxing feeling. It is recommended to repeat the exercise before going to bed every day.

Use a Pillow on Your Foot

foot and leg pillowSome leg pain has been associated with poor blood circulation within the lower body part. This explains why it is recommended to use a foot pillow to raise the feet above the head. The pillow allows for blood to flow back to the core. This approach has been used to detox the body and give it a relaxing effect. The pillow height should be slightly above the head for this to work properly. This should be done every night for a given period for one to experience the change.

The diet also plays a key role in detoxing the body and preventing the legs from swelling. Salty meals are known to play a big role in causing inflammation in the lower body section. The right balanced diet can go a long way in relieving any form of inflammation on the leg.