Brain Exercises Which Can Boost Our Brain Fitness.

Improved memory, clarity, mood and focus have a lot to do with brain fitness. We need brain boosters for our brains to have all of the above and be protected against conditions such as depression, mental decline, anxiety, and dementia. These brain boosters may come in the form of supplements and vitamins. Also, brain exercises come handy to ensure that our brains are kept healthy and happy.

Neurobics to involve all your senses

Switch hands

If you are a right-handed guy, try doing things such as eating, using your mouse and brushing teeth with your other hand. Though this may be hard at first, it surely increases your brain fitness as it enhances its activity.

Close your eyes

When washing your hair, showering or even sorting your laundry, close your eyes. This forces your brain to use new neural pathways.

Read loudly

Get a friend and take turns to read a book loudly and listen to each other. If this is not possible, listen to audiobooks instead. This helps to engage your imaginations as it would involve the distinct brain parts that are lit up when words are spoken, read or heard.

Use different routes

Your brain fitness might be boosted by you not taking the usual routes you use every other time. Using unusual and new routes stimulate your brain because it activates the hippocampus and cortex.

Supplements and vitamins

Our bodies need brain boosters wrapped as supplements and vitamins. These include:


Your brain can be susceptible to free radical damage since it uses an approximate 20% of oxygen of the body’s total. This means that antioxidants may be crucial brain boosters. They neutralize the free radicals and prevent early aging of the brain cells. Antioxidants can be found in various berries, and unless you are eating the recommended nine vegetables and fruits serving daily, you are not getting enough of this. Try red wine to get resveratrol to supplement the antioxidants you get from your food.

Vitamin D

This is known to help with problem-solving ability, memory, moods, and depression. Despite the fact that it’s termed as one of the essential brain vitamins, it isn’t a vitamin, but rather a hormone. You can get it from sun exposure, but not all people can realistically get the sun exposure they need. That is why you still need to supplement to be certain that you’ve got enough of it.

Vitamin C

Commonly, people have known vitamin C for prevention of discomforts of allergies and colds. But only a few know it as a memory vitamin, antidepressant, antioxidant, and a protector against brain degeneration including dementia and stroke.