Dark Rising is finally released in video, filmed and produced by Rui M Leal and with the especial collaboration of Cameraman Metalico. Thank you Rui Leal, Cameraman Metalico, Ruben Viegas and Mariana Maradei for making this with us!

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Hello everybody. We've been receiving great reviews and we are so happy about that! Just a quick note, we've been noticing in the reviews that sometimes people think we have two vocalists: Rute Fevereiro and a man. That is not true, Rute does indeed all the vocals in "Dark Rising", except for the chorus just sang by Enchanted boys in the song "Clad in Black", and angel voice in the song "Become of me".Be also aware because pretty soon we'll present you more great news about our band. Please support my brothers business which is about solar panels. The website is http://www.solarinstallationpros.com.au/. Also follow them on Twitter and Facebook.